Colonial Warrior Academy

The Colonial Warrior Academy (CWA) is the CMoD’s training grounds for Warrior and Civilian alike. Within the hallowed halls, one can learn about promotions, awards and Colonial craft – both large and small; become experts on our adversaries; and learn the history of all iterations of Battlestar Galactica and the club that celebrates it. Below, you’ll find our current course curriculum.

We now offer a total of 28 courses through 7 schools in 5 academies


Basic Academy – this Academy covers the basics of the organization, going over the way it operates and how we handle promotions and awards

Initial Orientation Training:

CWAO101 Introduction to the Colonial Ministry of Defense Exam

No Prerequisite

CWAO102 Colonial Ministry of Defense Promotions Exam

Prerequisite: CWAO101

CWAO103 Colonial Ministry of Defense Awards Exam



Tactical Academy – this is where our members learn about Colonial craft, from shuttles to Battlestars

Battlestar School:

CWAT201 Capital Ship Reference Manual Exam

Prerequisite: CWAO101

CWAT206 Capital Ship Reference Manual Exam II

Prerequisite: CWAO101, CWAT201

CWAT207 Capital Ship Reference Manual Exam III

Prerequisite: CWAO101, CWAT201, CWAT206

Flight Operations School:

CWAT202 Small Craft Recognition Exam 1 (Viper MKI-MKIV)

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAT203 Small Craft Recognition Exam 2 (Viper MKV -MKVIIS)

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAT202

CWAT204 Small Craft Recognition Exam 3 (Raptors)

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAT205 Small Craft Recognition Exam 4 (Shuttles)



Command Academy – this is where our future leaders are trained. From Commanding Officers, Fleet Commanders, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, these courses imparts the knowledge needed for each position

Command School

CWAC300 Colonial Data Protection Policy

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103

CWAC301 Command Preparation Exam

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103, CWAC300

CWAC302: Flag Officer Command Prep: Fleet Commander ExamPrerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103, CWAC300, CWAC301

CWAC303: Flag Officer Command Preparation: JCS Course

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103, CWAC300, CWAC301, CWAC302


Opposing Forces Academy – here is where we instruct our students on everything we know about our adversaries. These courses cover both Cylons and the Eastern Alliance

Cylon School

CWAF401 Cylon Capital Ship Intel Brief Exam I

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF402 Cylon Capital Ship Intel Brief Exam II

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAF401

Eastern Alliance School

CWAF601 Eastern Alliance General Exam

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF602 Eastern Alliance Planets Exam I

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF603 Eastern Alliance Planets Exam II

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAF602

CWAF604 Eastern Alliance Military Exam I

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF605 Eastern Alliance Military Exam II

Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAF604

CWAF606 Eastern Alliance Ships Exam

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF607 Eastern Alliance Government Exam

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAF608 Eastern Alliance Culture Exam

Prerequisites: CWAO101


Historical Academy – these schools instruct all things Battlestar Galactica, as well as a complete history of the Colonial Ministry of Defense

History School

CWAH501 Battlestar Galactica – General Knowledge

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAH502: Battlestar Galactica – the Larson Years

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAH503: Battlestar Galactica – the Moore Series

Prerequisites: CWAO101

CWAH504: History of CMoD

Prerequisites: CWAO101