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Welcome Battlestar Paladin!

The Colonial Ministry of Defense is growing again! We welcome our newest chapter, the Mercury Class Battlestar Paladin, BS-90!  This battlestar is assigned to the Picon Fleet. Welcome to our Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet!  

CMoD Costuming & Prop Members Only Discount

The Colonial Ministry of Defense is a proud supporter of Alchemy Arms, an online Sci Fi Props and Costume company located in Greensboro, NC. But it gets even better! As a member of the CMoD you can receive a discount on all merchandise, not just BSG items, from their store. Just another perk to membership in the CMoD.  If you are a CMoD member and did not see the discount info listed in our members-only Facebook group, please email to receive your code. So visit their store, spend a cubit or two. And remember the discount perk CMOD members get!  
Deck Hand Support