Colonial Warrior Academy

Colonial Warrior Academy

The Colonial Warrior Academy is where members go to learn all there is to know about the Colonial Ministry of Defense. The courses cover basic organization information, the awards program, promotions policy, command knowledge, as well as a plethora of information about battlestars, vipers, raptors, and shuttles. There are even courses that test your knowledge of Battlestar Galactica knowledge, both the original as well as the reimagined series. To learn more about specific schools, please review the menu. To request and exam, please use the request form.

CWA Staff

Vice Admiral Michael “Ranger” Paquette
Commandant, CWA
Dean, Tactical Academy, CWA

Rear Admiral Michael “Rooster” Tolleson
Deputy Commandant, CWA
Dean, Command Academy, CWA

Colonel Tommy “Hellboy” Farland
Dean, Historical Academy, CWA

Dean, Basic Academy, CWA

Colonel Monika “Nosedive” Reinholz
Dean, Opposing Forces Academy, CWA

Deck Hand Support