Command Academy

The three Command courses in our Command Academy is where our leaders are trained. The courses start with the basics, reviewing lessons learned from the Intro to the CMoD course – needed information for the upcoming CO and XO. The second course delves into the particulars of being a Fleet Commander, examining their responsibility as part of the interpretive body for CMoD policies as well as knowledge needed while overseeing their respective Fleets. Finally, the third course prepares the member for a possible role as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the body in charge of the day-to-day operations of the CMoD. Even if you have no command aspirations, these are great courses to take to help fully understand how the CMoD functions.

Courses in this selection include:

  1. CWAC301 Command Preparation Exam
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103
  2. CWAC302 Flag Officer Command Preparation: Fleet Commander Exam
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103, CWAC301
  3. CWAC303 Flag Officer Command Preparation: JCS Course
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAO102, CWAO103, CWAC301, CWAC302
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