Flag Command Readiness Orientation

The Colonial Warrior Academy Flag Command Readiness Orientation program is the Academy track to take to qualify to become a Fleet Commander or a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the Colonial Ministry of Defense. This series of courses begins by introducing the student to the organization and explains how the promotion system works, what awards are available to the member, and how they qualify for them. It then introduces them to command decision making processes and information needed to understand what it takes to form a chapter. From there, the next two courses delve into the ins and outs of being a Fleet Commander and a member of the JCS. The CWAFC consists of the following CWA courses:

  • CWAO101: Introduction to the Colonial Ministry of Defense
  • CWAO102: Promotions Exam
  • CWAO103: Awards Exam
  • CWAC301: Command Preparation Exam
  • CWAC302: Flag Command Course – Fleet Commanders
  • CWAC303: Flag Command Course – Joint Chiefs of Staff

Once the first 5 courses are completed, a member is qualified to be a Fleet Commander. Completing the 6th course qualifies them to be a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

*Please note that just completing these courses doesn’t automatically make one a Fleet Commander or a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These merely qualify the member to apply for any role they are eligible for if/when the position becomes available.
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