Historical Academy

Do you know your Battlestar Galactica trivia? Is BSG knowledge your claim to fame? Then these courses are for you! These exams track the history of Battlestar Galactica from the original series through the reimagined series. The first exam (CWAH501) covers general knowledge, the second (CWAH502) concentrates on the Larson years, while the 3rd (CWAH503) covers the Moore series. These exams are a little more challenging as there is no manual for them, only link suggestions for online research.

Courses in this selection include:
  1. CWAH501 Battlestar Galactica – General Knowledge
    Prerequisites: CWAO101
  2. CWAH502: Battlestar Galactica – the Larson Years
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAH501
  3. CWAH503: Battlestar Galactica – the Moore Series
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAH501, CWAH502
  4. CWAH504: Battlestar Galactica – History of CMoD
    Prerequisites: CWAO101, CWAH501, CWAH502, CWAH503
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