Pilot Readiness Orientation

The Colonial Warrior Academy Officer Readiness Orientation program is the Academy track to take to become an officer with the Colonial Ministry of Defense. The course introduces the student to the organization and explains how the CMoD is organized. The CWAOR consists of the following course:

  • CWAO101: Introduction to the Colonial Ministry of Defense

  • CWAO102: Colonial Ministry of Defense Awards Exam

  • CWAO103: Colonial Ministry of Defense Promotions Exam

  • Once these courses are completed, a member seeking officer ranks will be promoted to Ensign

    At that point, the officer will start taking Pilot Readiness Orientation program. This series of courses gets a prospective pilot familiar with Vipers or Raptors, depending upon their primary MOS. The CWAP consists of the following CWA course(s):

    • Viper Selection
      • CWAT202: Small Craft Recognition Exam I – Viper MKI-MKIV
      • CWAT203: Small Craft Recognition Exam II – Viper MKV-MKVIII(S)
    • Raptor Selection
      • CWAT204: Small Craft Recognition Exam III – Raptors
    • Shuttle Selection:
      • CWAT205: Small Craft Recognition Exam IV – Shuttles

    Once these courses are completed, the pilot will their flight certification and a call sign. The Chief of Operations will then assign pilot’s tail number
    Deck Hand Support